Harnessing and processing information has always been a great challenge and more so with regard to foreign trade sector which is rapidly changing both at national and international level. In publishing the Directory of Indian Exporters and Importers the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India is fulfilling the commitment of its role as a provider of information for facilitating free flow of trade and commerce between India and the rest of the world apart from fulfilling the requirement of diverse sections of the society interested in foreign trade.

The information with regard to the foreign trade sector is a critical input required for business planning to many business houses, banks and financial institutions, policy makers including academic and research institutes etc.These Directories are also to complement the fiscal and monetary efforts of the Government of India to boost up export and minimize import in view of overwhelming importance of exports and imports in the overall scheme of economic development and growth. The first edition of the Exporters Directory entitled ‘Directory of Exporters of Indian Produce & Manufactures’ was published in1919.The Directory of Indian Importers has been publishing since 2002. The earlier editions were published as a triennial one based on the information received through correspondence from the exporters and importers.

Since quite some time, the necessity of publishing the directory at more frequent intervals has been felt. The then Director General, Director General Foreign Trade (DGFT) during his visit to this office in 2007 suggested to update these directories more frequently using the live data of Daily Trade Returns (DTRs) received from the Customs Houses and the Import Export Code (IEC) master compiled by DGFT office. Accordingly, this office matched the two sets of information, IEC being the common factor in both, and the addresses of live exporters and importers as per IEC master were used for making correspondence to verify the address and other details including their items of export/import. In the process of correspondence, it has been observed that a sizeable number of letters has remained undelivered due to change of address. A substantial number of units also did not respond to the letters issued. Despite the constraints mentioned and considering the demand from different quarters we have decided to publish the directories with the available list and it will be continually updated with receipt of new profile of exporters and importers. Keeping this in view we have kept a window for interface under the caption "Register With Us". The interested exporter/importer may submit their details as per the proforma for including in the respective directories.

The uniqueness of these directories are that the items of export/import with their corresponding ITC (HS) codes at 4- digit, 6-digit and 8 digit level are made available. Different menu driven search options are also available.

Preparing these directories has been a massive exercise that was undertaken to make this publication more user-friendly than ever before. While compiling the information every care has been taken to ensure that all details of the firms and their items of export and import received are included in these directories appropriately. Any error that one may come across may please be brought to the notice of this Directorate for rectification.

The cooperation extended by individual firms, government organizations and various trade-related agencies is gratefully acknowledged.I take this opportunity to put a word of appreciation for the officers and staff members of Commercial Intelligence (CI) Division of this Directorate who have brought out these directories with their untiring efforts. Comments on the scope and coverage of the Directory and suggestions for further improvement are welcome.